Learn Italian


My name is Patrick and I love learning and teaching foreign languages.

Of course Italian is one of my favourite languages and I created this blog to give you the opportunity to learn Italian free of charge, all by yourself.

So, how does it work?

Well, I am more than convinced that VOCABULARY is essential. Without knowing many words, you won’t be able to finish a sentence, right?

We all know what it looks like when you start a sentence, then stop, because there’s a word you cannot translate into Italian…

Every day, on my twitter account (italianxxx2), you’ll find four new words, expressions or sentences in Italian.

Every 8 words I post a video on Youtube with the pronunciation, and a quizz follows.

So first you pick up new words one at a time on Twitter, then you listen to the pronunciation on Youtube, and finally you take the test.

THat way you’ll build a vast and solid vocabulary in Italian and you will finally finish all your sentences in Italian 🙂

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